WordPress on Azure – Part2: Creating and using your Azure subscription

This is the second article in my short series about creating your own WordPress blog, hosted on Azure. In the first article here we looked at the base requirements to get started and summarised what we will be doing. Today we look at choosing and creating an Azure subscription and some basics around using Azure subscriptions.

To host anything on Azure we need a subscription. Your Azure subscription determines how much you pay for services and also in some cases which services you have or don’t have available. Windows 10 for example is not allowed to be used for production purposes on Azure due to licensing (yet … watch this space, W10 on Azure coming soon!). Another example is the size or number of VM’s or other services you are allowed to run on Azure. Your subscription type and level of credit allowed impacts this. Lucky for us we don’t need much to run WordPress, neither in terms of size nor in terms of quantity and as such it should end up being pretty cheap.

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